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Making Bloody Marys

On Friday night, after a night out to celebrate my friend’s birthday, a bunch of us ended up in a lovely Greek restaurant in Balham. The owner was lovely and offered us drinks. A French girl, called Sandrine, wanted a bloody mary cocktail, and I got to make it for her. I loved being behind the bar again, I haven’t done that since my waitressing job 4 years ago! There’s something about having control in the kitchen…

Here’s a few pictures and instructions if you’d like to make one yourself!

Coat the top of the glass with salt and pepper. Add ice and a shot of vodka.

Add tomato juice, celery salt, a few drops of tobasco, worcestershire sauce, a squeeze of lemon and a celery stick. Stir well, et voila!

It’s a good sign if your customer (in this case Sandrine!) wants you to teach her to make another one!