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Daddy or Chips?

You know those jokes that are only funny between you and your family?….and everyone else thinks you’re weird?! Well this 80s McCains advert was one of those moments for me and my two sisters. When we were kids, we used to laugh hysterically (ok, we still do) at this advert, and go around saying, ‘daddy or chips? daddy or chips?’ constantly! Don’t ask me why we found it so funny, there doesn’t need to be a reason!

Of course, Sophie, the little girl in this advert chooses chips in the end. Over her daddy!

Is it a fair choice? Well that depends entirely on the type of chip! I certainly would not opt for the microwave chip box! But there are some chips that you just can’t resist.

Here are my top 3 ways to eat chips:

1. Posh chips
Chunky, skin-on, sometimes made from sweet potato. Commonly found in gastro pubs. Must be eaten with chilli ketchup.

2. Skinny Fries
Extra salty, oily, often crispy. Commonly found in Mcdonalds, Burger King and on the continent. Must be eaten with mayo and ketchup.

3. Drunken binge chips
Either of the above and anything vaguely resembling a fried potato stick will do!

Mmm I really fancy some chips now. And here’s a little secret for you…I’m not proud of it, but as a child I used to eat chips straight from the freezer! Gross I know!

So, let me know what your favourite chips are on my poll below. Or maybe you would rather scrap the chips and just choose daddy!